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Best Wine with Pizza Traditionally it’s not so common to combine wine with pizza often by habit or because of the belief that dish so simple as pizza can’t be associated with gourmet cuisine. However, old traditions can be modified to become new and the combination of pizza and wine – as well as champagne – can be more than interesting. Nowadays pizza recipes go beyond traditional, and the ingredients range from vegetables to coldRead More
Wine Flavors: What’s Right? What’s Wrong? Learn where wine flavors come from, how to smell them, and what flavors to expect in Cabernet, Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc.Understanding the flavors in wine starts with a seemingly simple question: Where do wine flavors come from? Imagine yourself the size of a single atom floating on the surface of a glass of wine. Down at this level, the surface of wine is quite turbulent. EthanolRead More
What 2 glasses of wine can offer your body??? The anticoagulant substances contained in wine help reduce blood clotting. Alcohol consumption can improve HDL (good cholesterol) levels and reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) levels, thus improving the lipid profile. Together with its anticoagulant properties, wine is the ideal ally in the battle against cardiovascular diseases. Wine does not only bring joy, it also helps the mind! According to a study, people who had consumed a moderateRead More
Its Grape Harvest Time!!!! Because its Grape harvest time we thought of sharing an article that relates to wine and its history on our island. Crete as you will see has a very long tradition in wine making. The history of the vineyard can be traced back to the furthest reaches of time. Seeds of wild vines have even been found in caves inhabited by prehistoric nomadic tribes. Before the ice age, the vine flourishedRead More
Aromas that signal something’s wrong with your wine Wine can be spoiled in the winery, after bottling, during shipping or storage at a retail shop, restaurant or even in your home. Some wine faults are more common than others, there’s a good chance a regular wine drinker will experience at least one or more of the faults.   Corked wine Does your wine smell like a wet dog, damp newspaper or cardboard or a mustyRead More
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