Wine Movies
MOVIES FOR WINE-LOVERS  Do you like movies? Do you like wine? Do you like movies about wine? If yes, then you have landed in the right place.   A list of the best wine movies ♥     A Walk in the Clouds – (1995) This movie takes place in the Napa Valley and stars Keanu Reeves. Many of the winery vineyard scenes were shot at the Mount Veeder Winery and the Mayacamus Winery. KeanuRead More
Local Varieties
10 CRETAN DIAMONDS Vilana Vilana is a local variety found mainly in the regions of Heraklion and Lasithi. The best examples from Heraklion are produced out of PDO Peza and must be pure Vilana, while Lasithi’s production excels in the specific area of PDO Sitia—where Vilana is blended with Thrapsathiri. The hallmarks of Vilana wine are a moderately deep yellow color, medium intensity of aromas, and flavors showing notes of lemon, orange, pear, and herbs.Read More
Keep the wine fresh
Tips to keep your wine fresh.How long does wine last? And how long does wine last? Let’s first examine what “gone off” means when it comes to wine. Has your wine gone bad? It’s not too difficult to deduce whether your bottle has gone off. If you’ve left it open for a few days, give it a sniff and – if you’re brave enough – have a taste. If it’s changed colour, developed an unpleasantRead More
Summer Wine
Small secrets to Choosing a Summer Wine . What wine should you choose for your warm-weather festivities?   What are our top tips for choosing a summer wine for warm weather? Choose wines with lower tannins, such as whites, light-bodied reds and rosés, that can be served chilled without shutting down.  Also pick wines with nice acidity that are refreshing—like fresh Liatiko , rosé or high-acid whites. Also keep climate in your mind. And whatRead More
Wine Temperature
Wine serving temperature Wine serving temperature is very important! Every wine is different. There are particular characteristics for every wine: aromas and tastes. If you serve a wine at the wrong temperature you cannot appreciate all these characteristics and the wine will not taste as good as it should. Did you know that temperature affects the taste? With our tongues, we taste up to 5 flavors (sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and fat). The first four are influenced by temperature. The way differentRead More
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