Steps of Wine Tasting
Steps Of Wine Tasting When we do a wine tasting we follow some steps and we use 3 of 5 senses. We use the sense of seing, the sense of smelling and at the end the sense of tasting. So the steps of a right wine tasting are: First Step of Wine Tasting: Look Check out the color, opacity, and viscosity (wine legs). You don’t really need to spend more than 5 seconds on thisRead More
Rose Wines
Rose wine for all day!!!! Rose wines is not fashion… We will start by saying a phrase that Coco Channel had said “Fashion come and go, but style lasts forever”, in order to emphasize that the new tendency for rosé wines has come to stay for a lot of years. A few years ago the rosé wines were on the sidelines. This feeling is now overcome. The stereotypes that we had in mind for theRead More
Cretan Diva
What about Diva??????????? Let’s talk about her!!!!! Do you know which is the unique certificated variety of Rethymno? Do you know which variety has characterized as Cretan Diva? Do you want to learn more about this variety? You can see and learn more about it, to this amazing interview at this link: Mr. Andrew Jeffords visited Crete on February 2016 on a fam trip about the Cretan terroir and the indigenous varieties of Crete.Read More



Mantilari, is a cretan red wine variety that you can taste and learn about it in the wine tasting of Oinoxoos House in Rethymno Crete. Mantilari is the king of the local red varieties of the island. Its wildness and power make it special. Because of its good acidity, it gives wines very dry and full. The heart of Mandilaria beats in the Aegean Sea and in Crete. It is not a coincidence that there,Read More
Malvasia di Candia Malvasia di Candia represents both a grape variety and an ancient wine style from Crete with its heydays dating back to the Venetian occupation of the island. It is one of the most elegant and aromatic varieties of Crete. It can be found mainly in Heraklion. Malvasia is a variety that follows its own path in wine history offering its crazy perfumes and its female character. It gives excellent wines with intense aromas and high acidity. BasedRead More
White Cretan Varieties