MUSCAT OF SPINA   Muscat of Spina, usually found in Spina district in Chania. Is the small-berry treasure of the land of Crete. The love of Muscat of Spina for the sun is well known. It is the sun that warms the small berries, gives their thick peel a yellow – golden, full of freckles color and concentrates uniquely its aromas and flavor. Thus, the small- berry Muscat of Spina offers fragrant dry, but mostlyRead More
Thrapsathiri is an important Crete variety emerging as one of the most promising and exciting white varieties of the island. For decades, Thrapsathiri was misunderstood as it was falsely  believed closely related to Athiri or it was overshadowed by the more popular Vilana. However, thanks to its characteristic features it has started attracting the attention of many wine critics, giving first class dry and, in some cases, sweet white wines. Thrapsathiri is suitable even forRead More



The richness of indigenous varieties of Greece is inexhaustible, although many of these varieties are or were threatened with extinction. A remarkable example of this kind is the Cretan variety Plyto which survived from the verge of disappearance and is currently responsible for a small number of white wines. However, the potential of Plyto variety promises that it will develop into one of the main indigenous ones that in future will become the representative ofRead More



DAFNI Dafni is an almost extinct variety of white grape of Crete, that has come again to the spotlight. This happened thanks to the production of dry white wines with intense aromas and round on the palate, that maintains moderate alcohol levels. Some ambitious producers use the oldest vineyards to make even a few wines of barrel fermented daphne. Daphni is related to the laurel plant The reasons for which this variety has taken thisRead More



Greek grape varieties like Vidiano are a “hidden treasure”  for every connoisseur and wine lover. Vidiano is a white variety, coming from Crete and it is used to produce dry, white wines, sometimes aging in barrels. The existing Vidiano vineyards are few but producers agree on the great potential of the variety, which means that its history shall be written from now on. Vidiano is a variety found mainly around Rethymnon, Crete, and covers smallRead More
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