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Malvasia di Candia

Malvasia di Candia

Malvasia di Candia represents both a grape variety and an ancient wine style from Crete with its heydays dating back to the Venetian occupation of the island.

It is one of the most elegant and aromatic varieties of Crete. It can be found mainly in Heraklion. Malvasia is a variety that follows its own path in wine history offering its crazy perfumes and its female character. It gives excellent wines with intense aromas and high acidity. Based on its particular characteristics it offers exceptional sweet wines.

Golden – yellow color, fruity and citrus notes. Soft and creamy in the palate, with excellent balance of flavor and characteristic aromatic aftertaste of jasmine and primrose.The slight sweetness emphasizes the fruit, with the peach, the lime and the pear being dominant, while its long aftertaste leaves a lemon feel in the mouth.

The Malvasia wine can be enjoyed also as an aperitif while it accompanies pleasantly spicy sauces, fish and white meat.