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is a cretan red wine variety that you can taste and learn about it in the wine tasting of Oinoxoos House in Rethymno Crete.

Mantilari is the king of the local red varieties of the island. Its wildness and power make it special. Because of its good acidity, it gives wines very dry and full.

The heart of Mandilaria beats in the Aegean Sea and in Crete. It is not a coincidence that there, it is involved in the production of PDO Peza and PDO Archanes red wines. In the windswept and sun-kissed vineyards of these islands. Mandilaria – usually goblet shaped, acquires extraordinary characteristics: deep dark color, overripe fruit aromas, fleshy aromas (such as leather) and medium body, with unrestrained, robust tannins.

With hard work in the vineyard and in the winery, but also by blending with other varieties -as white Monemvassia in Paros or soft red Kotsifali in Crete- many noteworthy winemakers are trying to tame the generally rampant nature of Mandilaria.

However, a few years in the bottle is probably the best way to find ourselves in front of a “European” wine, which through its taste brings in mind its wonderful place of origin.

By its imposing personality, the unique Mandilaria variety leaves an indelible imprint in Greek wines, which sometimes is deeper and sometimes subtle, but always revealing the identity of the terroir. Given also its multi-faceted character, any daring wine lover who wants to broaden his palette of aromas and tastes, will find a reason to fill his glass with Mandilaria.