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Muscat of Spina



Muscat of Spina, usually found in Spina district in Chania. Is the small-berry treasure of the land of Crete. The love of Muscat of Spina for the sun is well known. It is the sun that warms the small berries, gives their thick peel a yellow – golden, full of freckles color and concentrates uniquely its aromas and flavor. Thus, the small- berry Muscat of Spina offers fragrant dry, but mostly great sweet wines. The love of the variety for sloped, mountainous vineyards cannot be hidden, though it thrives equally well at lower altitudes. Their common, organoleptic characteristics are the explosive aromas, with a strong presence of the variety primary aroma and of lychee, the flavor density and good acidity, elements encountered also,- yet less intensely- in the dry wines of the variety.
The barrel aging encapsulates even more these elixirs giving them in the same time notes of honey, nuts and marmalade. The small- berry Muscat of Spina is certainly one of the most important varieties of Crete. Under the full bright Cretan sun it is transformed into great wines, expressing the unique terroir of their origin. Wines that will leave even the most demanding wine lovers ecstatic and happy for having lived such a memorable wine experience, looking forward to repeat it soon!