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Rose Wines.. La vie est rose!

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Rose wine for all day!!!!

Rose wines is not fashion…

We will start by saying a phrase that Coco Channel had said “Fashion come and go, but style lasts forever”, in order to emphasize that the new tendency for rosé wines has come to stay for a lot of years.

A few years ago the rosé wines were on the sidelines. This feeling is now overcome. The stereotypes that we had in mind for the quality have changed. Now the rosé wine fascinates us with their color, their body and the gastronomic combinations that they can match.

The range of rosé shades is playful and impressive: we have a wine world full of different colors from bright pink (rose, cherry) to “onion” pink and saumon.


Common myths about so misunderstood wine are that rosé are intended exclusively for consumption by the female sex because they are related to their color, as well as , that they are mostly semi-dry. Others believe they come from blending white and red wines. Apparently both of these are huge myths.

Rose wines come from red grape varieties and more often than reddish, such as Pinot Grigio. Given that colour of the grape are found in skin of the grape rather than the wine juice, the rosé process starts with a red wine protocol and continues with a white protocol.

Another reason, which has greatly contributed to their development as well, is their exceptional adaptability to different styles of food. Ideally suited to seafood and light lean meats, as well as ideal combinations for Chinese and Asian cuisine. However, you can enjoy them without food, because most of them are fresh and easy drinking and can be an excellent choice for all hours of the day.

So, to be initiated into the magical world of rosé, you can come to our place, and taste different type of rosé wine from the Cretan varieties.