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Choosing a Summer Wine

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Small secrets to Choosing a Summer Wine . What wine should you choose for your warm-weather festivities?


What are our top tips for choosing a summer wine for warm weather?

Choose wines with lower tannins, such as whites, light-bodied reds and rosés, that can be served chilled without shutting down.  Also pick wines with nice acidity that are refreshing—like fresh Liatiko , rosé or high-acid whites. Also keep climate in your mind. And what we mean with that? Warm climates produce wines that are riper, with more sugar and less acidity, whereas cool climates produce wines that are more tart and acidic. Acidity is that sour sensation a wine gives you; it leaves your mouth watering for more. Think of it as the lemonade quality of a wine, and there’s a reason lemonade is so popular in the summer. Because it’s acidic and subsequently really fucking refreshing!

What’s the best way to serve wine ?

Whatever wine it is, chill it! Yes, even reds! Not only because it’s hot outside (and perhaps even worse inside), but chilling wine tightens its flavors and acidity, making them crisper and more energetic-tasting.

What are our personal favorite wines for summer?

Sparkling wines are always great!  You can choose sparkling wine from Cretan varieties like The “Sprakling Vidiano” from Douloufakis Winery.  We love also lighter and more aromatics wines, like wines from variety Muscat of Spinas or Malvasia di Candia or blends with those varieties. We are also suggest some of the white wines from Santorini, like Assyrtiko. They have great acidity and an amazing salinity that is especially fantastic with shellfish and seafood which are great for  summer.