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Thrapsathiri is an important Crete variety emerging as one of the most promising and exciting white varieties of the island. For decades, Thrapsathiri was misunderstood as it was falsely  believed closely related to Athiri or it was overshadowed by the more popular Vilana. However, thanks to its characteristic features it has started attracting the attention of many wine critics, giving first class dry and, in some cases, sweet white wines. Thrapsathiri is suitable even for the warmest parts of Crete, showing high resistance to drought. The wines from Thrapsathiri presenting a pale yellow color and medium intensity aroma, are dominated by primary fruity flavors, mainly reminding melon and peach. In the palate they are relatively full bodied with distinct alcohol and mild
acidity. Thrapsathiri is cultivated throughout the island, from Chania, on the West, to Lasithi, on the East. The most famous wines come from the region of Lasithi, where the PDO Sitia wine is produced. Thrapsathiri is a variety that gives rich and round, but not too intense and heavy wines. As they are not too aromatic, wines from Thrapsathiri suit excellent dishes with intensity and complexity, a fact that puts them out of the food-wine combination rules. They are also ideal white wines for relatively cold days. Most wines from Thrapsathiri should be drunk four years from
the harvest, but some top winemakers produce wines with such a temperament, that they can develop even for a decade.