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Cretan Diva


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What about Diva??????????? Let’s talk about her!!!!!

  • Do you know which is the unique certificated variety of Rethymno?
  • Do you know which variety has characterized as Cretan Diva?
  • Do you want to learn more about this variety?

You can see and learn more about it, to this amazing interview at this link:

Mr. Andrew Jeffords visited Crete on February 2016 on a fam trip about the Cretan terroir and the indigenous varieties of Crete. In this video he talks about the white grape variety Vidiano. to wine journalist, Nico Manessis.

If you want to learn for all Cretan Varieties, you can come to our place, at Oinoxoos House, and have a wine tasting to all of them, or you can choose which of them you want to taste. To our place you have the chance to taste this fantastic variety, Vidiano,
and create your own point of view if it is indeed the Cretan Diva!!